Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wither this blog?

David Sirota has linked to one of my blog entries, which makes me an official, if marginal, member of the blogger community.

Can I hope for this blog to ever become non-marginal? I must admit that the prognosis doesn't look that good. A few problems:

  1. I am not a fast writer. I think that the quality of my prose is decent, if unexceptional, but I have this unfortunate tendency to struggle over wording. A successful blog has to be updated regularly, which is a lot easier to do if you write quickly.

  2. I'm not really a political junkie, which makes it hard to write about politics all the time. I could write about a variety of topics rather than just focussing on politics, but I don't think that that approach works for readers, who want to know what to expect when they visit a blog.

  3. The market for political blogs is pretty saturated. The time to start a major blog of political commentary was a few years ago. Now, even if I somehow manage to equal the brilliance and insightfulness of the best of the existing blogs, there is little reason for people to switch to reading me rather than the blogs they are currently reading.

Of course, rather than trying for brilliance, I could go for stupidity. Donald Luskin seems to be pretty dumb, but Brad DeLong links to him all the time. I think that approach only works for people who have jobs writing commentary. Luskin isn't entirely stupid, because he's figured out how to get paid for writing stupid things.


Blogger dd said...

You should probably keep at it, there's always room for another blog! BUT the blog link you mention had some mistakes in the polling summary - you gotta correct that stuff if you want to build credibility and an audience.

Check it: the description of the Century Foundation poll has several ommissions:
You say "The poll didn't ask people to name the top two most important policy goals; it asked them to rate the importance of a number of policy goals on a scale of one to ten."

BUT on page six of the report, the top question reads '% indicating this as 'among one or two most important foreign policy goals.'" The poll asked for the top 2 goals AND a one to ten ranking.

And the questions DO mention outsourcing and moving jobs overseas: on pg. 6 it reports that 56% of Dems put "preventing American jobs from moving overseas" as "among one or two of the most important foreign policy goals," compared to 50% of Dems saying the same about "dismantling the Al Qaeda network."

So correct this stuff.

Cause as you wrote, we don't know the motives for people's interpretation. But we CAN try to get the numbers right. The poll covers a bunch of stuff and some of the layout is overloaded, so it's worth revisiting, and then seeing if we all have the same conclusions once people are working of the same numbers....

3:04 PM  
Blogger Kenneth Almquist said...

dd, thanks for the encouragement. With regard to the Century Foundation poll, see my my response in the comment section for that posting.

8:18 PM  

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